I feel like through March, there was a degree of fun to staying in and away from the virus. It was almost a game…who can avoid getting sick.

Now, it’s becoming boring. I wanted to run out to a Warehouse store today, but I had a meeting coming up as well. The store is about 40 minutes away, via the interstate, in the town with the mall and the bookstores and coffee shops and all the fun stuff. Before, I’d just have packed up my laptop, driven out and made a day of it…spending time working and sipping coffee before hanging out at the bookstore, and maybe even going to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch.

I’d run to Whole Foods and Trader Joes, grabbing Gluten Free cranberry scones and egg rolls at the one, then GF fish fillets and our favorite fire-roasted peppers and onions at the other, before making my way over to Sam’s Club to grab the items that we use quickly enough that it’s worth buying in bulk instead of only a few at a time. Add enough fresh fruit to last a week and whatever meat sounds good for dinners, and then back home after a day well spent.

Not Fun = Dangerous

I don’t think I’m the only one who’s finding that that it’s not fun. I’m starting to see a lot more conspiracy theories and a lot more people calling for the quarantine to be lifted.

I try to read a balance of views on social media, and today, saw a post by Tom Fitton that terrified me.

To understand why this scares me, look at the number of people who follow him and, you have to assume, listen to what he says. And how many others listen to him who aren’t on Twitter?

I’m only using him for an example because his reach is tremendous. But he’s not the only one by a long shot. There’s the new Project Veritas video, where the guy goes to get a test and questions those checking him in. FB took down the video because one of the guys said it was like the flu, and I can see their reasoning for not wanting people to think that, but by taking it down, you’re just making more people give it credit who would have ignored it otherwise.

I need to wrap this up…it’s already tomorrow, and this was supposed to have been posted yesterday. I guess I’ll just end with this. I really hope that now, as it stops being “Yay, we got out of school early” fun, we don’t stop taking care. Be careful and stay safe, my friends, we can make it through it as long as we remember we’re staying in for each other. ?

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    • Jay R. White

      The news is terrible and everything is bad. I am tired of feeling anxious, scared and having sore hands from washing. The brave new world and worsening dystopia is not as cool as we were led to believe

      • Te-ge

        ((((Hugs)))) I wish I had something encouraging to say, something that would make it better. All I can say is that I’m here for you, and please do reach out if you ever need someone to listen. ?

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