Scrolling through Facebook,

I clicked on a link to an MSN article that sounded interesting…until I saw what they required before I could read it.

I had to agree to allow advertisers to access my data, because, you know, Microsoft News can only afford to provide free content if it’s paid for by advertising.

Curious, I clicked on the Learn More link.

Interesting…so even if I disallow some ads, there will be others that I can’t turn off.

Yes, I know curiosity killed the cat. But still, let’s see which ads I can block from tracking me.

I’m guessing there’ll be about 20 sites listed…what do you think? Especially since I know going in that I won’t see all the sites that add trackers.

Looks like I was wrong. I thought 20 would be too many. Now I’m curious.
How many are hidden?

*Shiver* I almost feel as slimy as if I’d just walked through a swamp filled with leeches.

The real question is, how many other tracking sites has Microsoft associated with that won’t let you turn off tracking??? It actually makes me want to block all Microsoft News sites. Honestly, after seeing that, unless you have to visit MSN, I wouldn’t recommend clicking on any of their links.

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