Over 48,000 emails!

January 1 – I have to do something about this glut of unread emails in my inbox. I wish I could just delete everything and start over with a clean inbox.

Getting rid of everything really wasn’t an option, as much as I wished it was. Even deleting all the unread messages wasn’t a good solution. I had no idea what I’d lose among all the junk.

Too many emails
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Still, I couldn’t just let it go like I’d been doing. 48k of unread email messages is far too many. I needed to do something, anything, to make a difference. So I set a goal.

10 a Day

That was my new goal. Clear out 10 email sources a day. Either trash, archive, or Unsubscribe. Easy as pie!

And it has been. It takes maybe 5 minutes.

  1. Click on an email.
  2. View all emails from that source.
  3. Decide whether I want to keep the emails.
  4. Yes?
  5. Click archive.
  6. No?
  7. Decide whether I want to continue receiving these messages.
  8. Is it worth the occasional coupon to have 237 emails cluttering up my inbox?
  9. Yes?
  10. Delete all.
  11. No?
  12. Unsubscribe.
  13. Celebrate as you watch the numbers drop

In 2 weeks, I’ve deleted over 10,000 unread messages. And that’s just the unread ones. I have no idea what the overall total is.

By the way, if you do this consistently, every day, it really does work. The difference is that you’re unsubscribing to anything that you no longer need, which over time, reduces the number of new messages you need to go through, and you’ll start sorting through some of those older messages that have been waiting for months (or even years) for you to deal with.

And now I’m off to do my daily 10. If you’re struggling with a monster inbox like I have, I wish you luck.

If you try this and it works for you, I’d love to hear your success stories. 

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